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Starting in the middle…

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Mornings like this, after an interrupted sleep, which came after an entirely unproductive day — I must be PMSing, because everything looks grim.

It is extraordinarily easy, on days like today, to wrap myself up in the bubble of all my shortcomings.  All the things I am not and goals left un-achieved poke at my psyche like a toothpick at the gum line.  Yesterday, in an email, a friend who I love told me that perhaps I am too hard on myself.  Perhaps that’s the lesson God is trying to get through to my thick skull these days.  I always find it difficult to skip along the shoreline of grace while reaching for the skyline of excellence.  It’s a daily struggle for me.

My weight has skyrocketed to an alarming 169 pounds.  My business goals seem like mountains of Goliaths I must conquer in just a short time.  And I overslept this morning, giving me only 10 more minutes before I must awaken the Master of Mayhem, my little guy, and get him and his sister ready for school.

I am about to start a Design Book, however.  Created by Mary Kay Independent National Sales Director Pamela Shaw, it’s a tool for Mary Kay but I recommend it for anyone who wants to live a focused life on a daily basis.  You can check it out here under Design Tools.  I’m starting in the middle.  It’s not a perfect time to start — it’s not the beginning of the month, or even the week.  But 90 days from now, I hope to be in a better place than I am today, and this is one of the tools I have to help me.  So I’ll be popping in my praise music and plotting out my success.

Today, I am grateful for you.  Because I really want to be held accountable — for my health and well-being goals, and everything else.  Tonight, I hope you will ask me how I did.  Knowing that you’ll be there, ready to hold me accountable, will help me make better decisions throughout the day.

Here is what I hope to accomplish today:

1. Make an appointment for a complete physical.

2. Run for an hour.

3. Wear my body bugg and actually upload the info.

4. Track what I eat, when I eat it and how I feel throughout the day.

5. Confirm all the Mary Kay appts. I have this week.

I have an appointment tonight, so it will be late, but I’ll try to post results later.



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Sold out Jesus-freak, mom of 2, wife, Christian Life Coach and speaker, friend-in-need-of-grace, writer of stuff.

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