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A head in the sand is worth….nothing

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Money is such a hard topic for me.  I’m realizing more and more how much negative emotion I have tied up in it.  I’ve been through most of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace (an absolutely AWESOME program that I highly recommend to anybody) and I’m trying to learn that money doesn’t define me — I define money.  Money is simply a tool that I can use wisely or foolishly.  And lemme tell you — I have used it foolishly many times over.

I don’t know exactly how to become an excellent financial manager except by prayer and practice.  I can do it for like, two days, but then I get bored.  That’s how I roll.  It’s not just with money, it’s with lots of stuff in my life — especially anything I have to budget, like money, food or time.  I might be very good at managing it for a few days and then I rebel against the authority of my own self.  Call the Crazy Train.  Psycho coming aboard.

Seriously, though, all my dysfunction aside, just the discipline of writing about money every Friday is painful for me.  I’m certainly no expert who can regale you with all sorts of helpful hints and advice.  I’m not really in the throws of a financial crisis (except for that saving thing — that saving thing really hurts and creates a sort of emotional crisis when I want shoes.  And I want shoes often.).  But money makes me uncomfortable the way — I dunno — talking to my kids about sex might make me uncomfortable.  I don’t wanna.  But I know I have to.

I wanted to wimp out and ask my amazing friend and money-expert, Valerie Sanchez, to write this blog for me.  I might do that in the near future.  But part of why she’s wonderful is because she is carefully coaching me to look squarely in the eye of my finances.

I hate it.

But I look.  I’m taking my baby steps toward financial wellness.  My husband and I don’t really carry debt other than our mortgage, so we’re pretty good there.  But trying to stay on a budget, putting that money aside for the insurance I know we need and the savings I know we should have, well, yuck.  Yuck yuck yuck.  A head in the sand would be so much easier.  Preferably on a beach.  In Aruba.  With a pink drink in my hand.  But noooooooo I have to save.


I need feedback from the masses.  What do you think?  Are you a saver or a spender?  What’s your most painful money-spot?  And where’s your money sweet-spot?

(If you can’t find your money sweet-spot, and if you need a coach to help you take charge of your finances, I really do recommend Val.  She’s warm, caring, friendly, and not really scary at all.  She helped make something that was scary to me not so bad, and now I can rest knowing that if anything ever happens to my husband and/or me, our kids will be well taken care of, our future is planned for, and we are taking control.  And that feels great.  Reach out to Val at ).


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Sold out Jesus-freak, mom of 2, wife, Christian Life Coach and speaker, friend-in-need-of-grace, writer of stuff.

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