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This weekend, church was pretty amazing.  The speaker was Robert Owens.  Robert Owens is a pretty interesting guy.

He’s a former anti-establishment surfer-dude turned pastor, a draft-dodger who enlisted in the Navy’s special-ops unit.  He hates when Christians walk around saying “Praise God.”  He adopted a twenty-six year old Buddhist monk as his son and in his spare time, he and a couple of his special-ops buddies travel the world to catch the bad guys — the people buying and selling women in the sex trade.  If he had a choice between you handing him a $10,000 check to help orphans in Russia or you actually going to Russia to help orphans, he’d tell you to keep your check.  He wants to be wrecked by God.  He wants you to be wrecked.  He wants Christians to shut up about Jesus and go do the works of Jesus.  He thinks too many Christians hide behind their tithes and offerings and don’t get out to be the love of God.

He’s my kind of Christian.

I want to be wrecked for God.



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