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Playing at the edge of ability.

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I’m learning so much about the mind/body/success connection lately.  Actually, it’s probably more accurate to say that everything I’ve ever heard/learned/suspected is being confirmed lately.  I’m in this wonderfully cool place where God is bringing me the same message from lots of different venues — crisscrossing information and tying it together to confirm and validate all the things I’m doing in my life.  It’s really cool when that happens!

If you’ve been following, you know all about my journey with my health coach, Michael DeSanti, and how I’m learning that my food could b the source of some of my anxieties.  You know I’m in the process of starting my own business, that I’m ridiculously excited about this business and a little bit terrified.  And you know I do this crazy thing called CrossFit.

So the other day on the way to Guerrilla Fitness for my CrossFit workout, I was listening to the latest version of my Success CD.  I read Success magazine, which is surprisingly more interesting that I originally thought it would be, and my subscription includes a monthly CD that I can listen to in the car if the Little Generals aren’t travelling with me.  On this particular CD, one of the featured speakers was Life Coach Martha Beck.

Now first, a word about Life Coaches.  While I find the whole idea that someone would need a coach for their life, well, a little campy,  I have to say that I have found discoveries I’ve made with every life coach I’ve ever worked with to be invaluable.  I’ve done psychotherapy and quite frankly, after a year and half of listening to myself talk, I got bored.  Life Coaches — and I’ve worked with them in the personal, business and now health arena — have a way of getting right to the crux of the matter, kneading all the yucky stuff out, and showing it to you, so all of a sudden you have a clarity like never before.  Suddenly you find yourself in a place of empowerment and can make actual, lasting life changes.

So on the CD, Martha talked about finding your life’s purpose, and how much of your discovery will take place in your body.  She said that when you think about a particular thing, if it makes you feel contracted and nervous then it might not be for you.  But if it makes you feel expansive and light, you’re on the right track.  And she said a really good way to get in touch with where you want to be, to get out of your head, is to be physically active.  But not just physically active.  She said you have to play at the edge of your ability.

Play at the edge of your ability.

I LOVE this.  I wrote a while back about how I realized I held myself back in a CrossFit workout.  In a line of runners I allowed myself to be overtaken — simply out of a desire to not be seen as rude or overly aggressive.  Listening to Martha made me wonder.

Do I stand back, away from the edge of my ability for fear I’ll chuck myself over the precipice?

Starting She*s ELEVATED is definitely playing at the edge of my ability.  It’s a dance along the unknown.  It’s expanding my boundaries.

I worked with an awesome coach in my Mary Kay business — Deb Erickson.  She. was. amazing.  She spoke about how we often hear that we need to step outside of our comfort zone.  Not so, says Deb.  Because the physiology of our brains will only allow us to be outside of our comfort zone for just so long before it will reel us back in to keep us safe.  Instead, Deb said, we need to expand our comfort zones to include those things we want but are currently out of reach.

And the way to expand your comfort zone is to play at the edge of your ability.  That place just right of failure — the place where you are unsure and off balance, but joyful in the wide open expanse of possibility.

Truth be told, it’s at the edge of your ability that you come face to face with Jesus.

Oh, stop rolling your eyes.  I’m serious.

Yesterday’s talk at church was all about success (you can check out this talk and more at  If you’re about doing what God has called you to do, I guarantee there will be a wide openness in your gut, not a clenching, scared feeling.  There will be a peace about you — like when you realize you need to raise a half-million dollars for your business, and you don’t climb into the fireplace to cower like a scared raccoon.

When you’re playing at the edge of your ability, that’s where you meet God’s ability.  And when you meet God’s ability, you can step out onto the crashing waves to go hang out with Jesus.

And where Jesus is, miracles are.

What’s holding you back from the edge?  Perhaps more importantly, what’s it going to take to get you to take a couple of steps closer and expand your safety zone?


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