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Hello again….it’s been a while.

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Well, hello.  It’s been a while.  It wasn’t you.  It was me.  But I’m back!

I’ve been busy.  Busy becoming a Christian Life Coach, losing 22 pounds, starting new blogs, working on my website for She*s ELEVATED.  It’s been a full couple of months, with a lot of goofing off in there, too.  I have to be honest.

What can I say?  My discipline comes and goes, my motivation wanes, and to be perfectly honest any time I decide, “Okay, this is it.  I’m going to get really disciplined about my writing starting today!” I immediately run out of things to say.  Like, seriously.  My mind just goes blank.

But I’m starting to think that it’s time.  Time to get serious about my writing, about — dare I say it because it’s just so yucky — yes, self-promotion.  Ew.  But I think it’s time.  I think it’s time that I begin to put myself out there on a very real basis.  This is scary and exciting and scary and exciting.  I so don’t want to commit.  Even just writing this stupid post feels self-indulgent.  But I am starting to feel like it’s time.  Time to connect the dots, get organized, live out my God purpose by no longer wasting the gifts He’s given to me.

So here’s how it’s gonna go.  I am going to do my best — my best, I say! — to write more consistently.  I will manage 2 blogs — vibrancylives will be the blog where I’ll write my musings about God.  YOGO (aka A Year of Getting Organized, which can be found at will document my efforts at organizing my life which, as you can tell by the fact that I am a totally inconsistent blogger, I desperately need to do.  At, you’ll be able to find whatever downloadable content I’ve been able to actually finish.  (That’s my problem — I’m a starter, not a finisher!).  You can also sign up for a newsletter there, and I promise to be better about sending that out once a month, too.  I’m already late with that.

I’m also going to try to get ahead of myself so that on days when my motivation wanes I’ll still be producing something.  So, I’m committing to taking the next 2 weeks to work hard and get ahead, and regular posts will start happening on March 1.

Unless they don’t.  Then I don’t know what to tell you.

Oh and while this here blog will be where my God-thoughts go, I am what I am and a Christian I be, so don’t be surprised if He shows up all over the place.

Meanwhile, how do you like the new look of vibrancylives?


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Sold out Jesus-freak, mom of 2, wife, Christian Life Coach and speaker, friend-in-need-of-grace, writer of stuff.

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