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Transferable Success: 1 of 4 Success Habits for all areas of your life.

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I’ve found that most of the important life lessons about success are transferable from one arena to another. A success habit that works for business, for example, can work for your health and wellness goals, as well. So, I compiled a simple list of four things to remember when working toward a goal or trying to make a shift.  For the next four weeks, we’ll explore each one with our Monday morning post.

Here’s today’s tip:

1. Consult the experts, but know you’re the specialist. 

I learned this when I was working in sales. All the brightest and the best insisted that the time to make phone calls was between the hours of 7 – 9 pm.  But it didn’t work for me — the reality of my life is that I am smack in the middle of dinner and getting the kids to bed at that time of day.
By trying to do exactly what the experts told me to do, I set myself up for failure. Every morning, I’d promise myself I was going to make those calls. And every evening, I’d get so caught up in the reality of my life that it didn’t happen. This perpetuated a cycle of belief in my own limitations and failures, instead of my success.  Something had to change.

And it did: I became the specialist on my own life, and realized that the best time for me to make calls was between 11 am and 2 pm. So that’s what I started doing. And an amazing thing happened: I started to succeed.

Every day, I did what I said I was going to do: I made no less than ten calls (sometimes twenty!). Starting at 11 am, I didn’t do anything until those calls were done. The simple act of doing what I said I would do helped me feel great about myself. Do not underestimate this — a key factor in the failure cycle is that we constantly confirm our own limiting beliefs by not keeping the promises we make to ourselves. Once I began to experience this kind of integrity, I blasted my results out of the water. The experts said I would book 1 appointment for every 5 people I got live — I started booking 2-3.

So how does this lesson transfer to other areas of your life, like health and wellness? You are the expert on you. Do what you need to do to set yourself up for the win, and the success will follow.

Identify the things that the “experts” are telling you, and be honest: is it working in your life? Why or why not? If it’s not working, see if there’s a way you can tailor it to fit your lifestyle. For example, an “expert” may say that morning is the best time for you to workout, but if that’s not realistic for your schedule, you’re just going to feel frustrated every time you oversleep.

Instead, set yourself up for the win by packing a gym bag the night before, getting changed at work and stopping off at the park for your run on the way home. You get the workout in, and you get to savor the feeling of self-integrity. That feeling will propel you to continue the success cycle — which is a much better feeling than the failure wheel.

A word of caution: being the expert on yourself is not a green light for every excuse in the book. The expectations are still high, because you have work to do. The Specialist success tip is about understanding yourself and maximizing what’s best for you. You know your children and your family’s schedules better than anybody else — build your fitness goals within these parameters.  You understand the specific rhythms to your business better than anyone — determine milestones appropriately. Only you can say when you feel most energetic in a day (a great time to workout) and when you feel most focused (the best time to do work that requires critical thinking).

It’s not about excuses. It’s about permission — permission to do what brings you the results in a way that works for your life, rather than attempting to fit into someone else’s expectation of what’s best.




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