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So long, farewell. Come with me!

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Don’t be sad! While I have loved loved loved blogging here at, I have gotten such clarity around my life’s mission that it’s time to consolidate my online presence to support that vision. This has been a wonderful place to hang out, sort through some serious crap, and just have fun with my writing. But I’ve decided to take it to the next level, to bring all my “stuff” under one roof — writing, coaching, speaking, all of it.  Soooo….I am thrilled to tell you that my new website,, is launched and LIVE!

It’s gorgeous. It’s beautiful! It’s professional and I adore it!  Please come on over and check it out. And never fear, all my content has been moved over there, so you won’t miss a thing. I just won’t be posting any new stuff here…so you’ll want to redirect yourself right over to the blog on

And don’t miss it! Because I’ll be continuing the 4 success tips over there, every Tuesday morning.

Thank you so much for reading what I’ve written here. Writing for me is an indulgence, and you have certainly indulged me. I am forever grateful.

Love you, and God bless. Now COME WITH ME!!!! 🙂


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Sold out Jesus-freak, mom of 2, wife, Christian Life Coach and speaker, friend-in-need-of-grace, writer of stuff.

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